Visit of the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

The Camp Nou was visited this Thursday by the head of Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth of the European Commission. Maria Gabriel highlighted the team’s achievements and the players’ ability to be inspiring role models in a visit to the Barça facilities that included the Barça vice-president Elena Fort and the manager Xavier Puig as hosts. The Barça women’s first team was represented by its coach, Jonathan GiraldezIn addition to the soccer players Jana Fernandez, Cata Coll and Andrea Pereira.

Gabriel exchanged impressions with the representatives of the team and congratulated them on the group’s successful track record and its growing projection not only at the national level but also at European level. Gabriel also wanted to highlight the importance of female players as inspiration for new generations and as role models in a sport like football, followed by millions of people in Europe.

Maria Gabriel and his team have, among other objectives, to ensure investment flows in innovative research projects, promote sport to encourage inclusion and well-being, and strengthen ties between education, research and culture.

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