Virginia Troconis reveals that El Cordobés saved her ‘life’: “My boyfriend had died and Manuel returned my smile”

They have been married for 22 years but they love each other like the first day. They say it and they demonstrated it this Friday on the set of Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta, to whom they offered a fun and emotional interview. Manuel Díaz El Cordobés y Virginia Troconis They have revealed the secrets of their marriage and have told what their complicated beginnings were like: “I was in a very difficult moment in my life, I was 21 years old, my boyfriend who I had been with for four years had died. I only had two boyfriends, him and Manuel. It just made me cry and cry… When I met Manuel I really appreciated having the desire to laugh again,” the Venezuelan revealed. “It was hard, good and bad things forge you. It was hard and I managed to overcome it and Manuel arrived when he had to arrive.”

“My mother worried, he was divorced, he was eleven years older… But Manuel has given me back my smile and the will to live and my mother supported me,” he said. “Virginia left everything for a crazy man. When she arrived in Spain I told her ‘Get in a van’. She accompanied me. I told her ‘This is my life, in the country'”, he has confessed. “I don’t know what the secret is, we are discovering it every day. I can tell you in another twenty. Virginia is my strong part, I am a weak and insecure man, perhaps because of my childhood or because the principles were not easy. We are sweet, the typical silly couple sometimes. We do many things together, we have had a lot of time to be together, to be able to be with our children when they were little, because now the children fly alone… Having a common project, One day we said that we wanted to mature and grow old together and that is our project,” said the bullfighter.

Of course, not everything has been rosy: “There has not been any crisis, but throughout these years there have been moments when you say ‘How lazy.’ There may be times when you are not comfortable, the young children, each one with their profession,” Virginia confessed. “I am difficult. When I was fighting, the stress in my life was very great, my life was at stake, there were times when I didn’t want to go and risk my life…”, the right-hander revealed. Now, yes, they are living their best moment: “It’s true There are times that have happened to all of us when you are worse, I now say that we are at our best, the children each doing their own thing, as if on track. Manuel has made a change in his life and he is happy. We have many things to do. We like to play sports together, travel, go out…”.

The relationship with Vicky Martín Berrocal

Virginia also confesses that the beginnings with her husband’s ex, mother of her daughter Alba, were not easy either. “If I told you that everything was rosy I would be lying to you. Maybe arriving here at 22 years old, Manuel had his life, but they were situations that were not always pleasant… But I always had my place. Manuel is super generous with everyone, before him are all of us… He told me ‘Do you want to come to Alba’s performance when she was little?’ I felt that it was their moment, that it was not my place,” Troconis recalled. “Afterwards, everything flowed without problems. She respecting my place and I hers. And as time went by, everything began to smooth out and fit together.” Now, their relationship is unbeatable: “Yes, it’s surprising that we get along well, but why do we have to get along badly? She is not my best friend, I am not going to have coffee with her every week, she has her own life, we respect each other and the important thing is Alba. “We have been together in the important moments and we have enjoyed it.”