Violeta Mangriñán gives birth to her second daughter with Fabio Colloricchio: “Gia is here”

Violet Mangriñan y Fabio Colloricchio They are in luck. The Instagrammer has given birth to her second daughter, a girl they have named Family and who comes to complete the family that began on July 31, 2022 with the arrival into the world of their first-born daughter, Gala. The little girl was able to meet her little sister through a video call. Her parents, moved, could not contain their tears.

The former contestant of Survivors announced early in the morning that she had gone into labor at week 40+1: “Gia is comming. Pray for us,” she commented next to an image in front of the hospital room mirror, in which she showed her bulging tummy. “I've been having contractions since six in the morning. We came to the hospital at seven thirty and they told me to stay. Thank goodness I already brought my suitcases just in case. I'm still having contractions, for now I can handle them” .

Shortly afterward he announced: “I'm saying goodbye to my phone because the contractions are getting serious. I don't know when I'll pick it up again because I want to enjoy this as much as I can since it will most likely be the last time I experience it.”

Gia's arrival has been long awaited for these parents, but especially for her older sister, Gala, who will now share her life with her: “I still can't get the idea when I look at her that in a few days she will become a sister.” older” Violeta explained several weeks ago in a publication.