“Vinicius doesn't have to change”

Do the echoes of Vinicius's performance in the Classic follow in Brazil?

Yeah right! Little by little, Vinicius is releasing and gaining confidence. He is very young but has a lot of quality and, above all, a lot of personality. His goal left me very happy.

Is that the only thing missing, more successful against the opposite goal? Is it something that can improve over time?

Yes it can. I saw Vinicius a lot in Flamengo and he jumped from Juveniles to the first team with only 17 years, that is not easy. The U20 category, which is a great base to learn, he did not live. He made a very big jump in Brazil without being one hundred percent formed. Some things in the field you see that he is testing, improving … especially the finalization and the last pass. It also strengthens tactically. You have to be careful with him.

And patience? I tell him because I remember Vini's tears when he marked Osasuna …

He is almost a child who at 18 went to a giant like Madrid. You have to be patient. That day he cried in relief to free himself from the pressure. But he has personality to play in Madrid, he always faces, again and again. The Bernabéu likes that, he doesn't have to change his identity. Something similar happened to me in Madrid, I never wanted to lose my style.

You were left-handed and played on the left. Have the ends become natural leg?

Yes, I was on the left, I was more comfortable. Soccer has changed. In my time were Reyes, Vicente, Denilson … Now you don't play close to the line. You don't see players like that.

He also saw the emergence of Reiner in Flamengo. What has Madrid signed with him?

He has proven in a very short time to be a very interesting footballer. Last year it was good for him to play in a very experienced Flamengo. What he played was impressive, with very important goals and assists.

Does he look so much like Kaka?

I do not like to compare (laughs) … But if there is a player who, by style, it may seem, is him.

Tell me about Rodrygo. How should you manage to go from a hat-trick to Galatasaray to not play?

With peace of mind He has shown that he can score and that he has quality. This season will help you gain more experience and adaptation.

Why has Brazil now become Madrid's favorite market?

It's normal, football has changed with young people. I signed in Madrid for 1997 at the age of 23 and was thought to be young … Today it is almost impossible to sign a player in Brazil at that age. The good ones go to Europe with 17 or 18 years because it is easier to adapt.

Did it cost you more?

Today there is more information. I arrived in Madrid in December. I had left Rio de Janeiro with 40 degrees of heat and landed in Barajas at 2 … and in my suitcase I was wearing the swimsuit. I wanted to catch the first plane back! Imagine! (laughs)