Vinicius and Rodrygo give first

He Real Madrid of the future appears in the present when Vinicius (20 years old) and Rodrygo (19) join in the field, even more so if they do it initially, something as rare as likely this Sunday (9:00 p.m., Movistar La Liga) at the Reale Arena. The casualties, especially those of a Hazard and an Asensio whose presence against Betis is also in danger, condition Zidane's scoreboard against Real Sociedad and they open the door of eleven to samba.


It is surely the Carioca and the São Paulo player who most represent the new transfer policy of the club, focused for some time now on the recruitment of young talents from all over the globe. The bet on them, in addition, was significant due to the disbursement, 45 and 40 million, respectively, When they were barely teenagers, they began to dazzle in Flamengo and Santos, two of the most important teams in their country. Vinicius arrived in 2018 and Rodrygo in 2019, and in this time they have put illusion and football at the Bernabéu. But to date they have barely met on the lawn. Yes they have made it out, where they are inseparable and observe with surprise and disbelief the permanent comparison around them: Although their positions are different, when Vini does well, El Rayo is singled out, and vice versa.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Golden Boy candidates and call from Tite to Rodrygo

Between club and national team, Vinicius and Rodrygo have shared 415 minutes spread over 13 games since October 2018. Their association was born in two friendlies with Brazil's U-20 against Chile, resolved with ties to one and two. In the first Vinicius assisted Rodrygo for the 0-1, an example of which they can form. With both already in Madrid, although Rodrygo starting from Castilla, They combined for the first time for a quarter of an hour on matchday 9 of the 2019-20 League. In the tournament they would later do it on six more occasions; in the Champions, in two; in the Spanish Super Cup, in one, the final against Atlético; and in the Copa del Rey, another.


As headlines they have only appeared three times: with Espanyol, at home; the Bruges, in Belgium; and Athletic, at the Bernabéu. The two pearls have produced three goals together, one of them with Brazil: two goals were from Rodrygo with passes from Vinicius and the remainder, from Vini thanks to Rodry. This week they have been included in the Golden Boy 2020 list, released on September 15, and Rodrygo, overcoming the great competition that exists, also got into Tite's on Friday for the October matches. What has been said: the future, in the present.