Vinicius and his answers TOP: are you a virgin? Is Modric uglier or you?

Vinicius JR is a very young footballer. With 19 years his life is based on morning training with Real Madrid and being with his family and friends at home. Therefore, the player has decided to open a YouTube channel to have greater contact with the 900,000 followers he has on his channel. In them it shows the daily life of a soccer player.

The last video of the soccer player was dedicated to a very popular section in all the channels of the world of Youtube that is based on answering the questions that the users provided him through the comments and through a untilg of Twitter (Vinicius reviews Madrid news and gives Reinier advice).

In this video, Vinicius He was very close to his followers being very spontaneous with his eternal smile that created a climate of great confidence. In addition, the Brazilian did not close or refused to answer any questions even though some were very Various, bold and personal.

What celebrity would you like to have a relationship with ?: “With the Kardashian, anyone would like me.”

Who is uglier, Modric Or you ?: “I will not answer that, I have a lot of respect for Modric”

Who is the toughest defender you have ever played against ?: “Eder Militao and Sergio Ramos in Madrid training.”

Have you had any problems with Hazard or was it a matter of the press ?: “There was no problem.”

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Although the question that most struck him Vinícius Junior it was that of “Are you still a virgin?”.

“Look at this … you're fucking me … Are you still a virgin? You're carrying me with this question. I don't know who is worse … he who asks or you who have chosen her”, he reacted, laughing as he read the question.

“I wanted to get the friend out of doubt … I'm trying to help the boy,” his partner was ironic justified in the video.