Vinicius, Ancelotti and Bellingham’s mother give everything at Wembley after winning the Champions League

Carlo Ancelotti He turns 65 in a few days, but this Saturday, after giving Real Madrid its fifteenth European Cup, the Italian showed that he is in top form. As if they were the catacombs of the Coliseum, the meringues’ revelry moved to the corridors of the Wembley Stadium once the celebration on the grass, the presentation of the cup and the commitments with the official media, including the press conference, had passed.

The Italian coach raised the Fifteenth as a prologue to the after party. However, after the captain raised the cup in the sky over London, the situation got out of control. The players of the Merengues club began to celebrate their fifteenth Champions League from the grass, very close to where most of the footballers’ families were. The problem arose when the stadium security did not want to let the family members pass, a gesture that greatly bothered the players, since they did want to celebrate the victory on the grass with their loved ones. Finally, the Real Madrid players convinced the security personnel to let the family members take the field.

Already on the grass, Vinicius’ brother ran to hug Bellingham, who welcomed him like another family member. For her part, mother Bellingham asked Jose Mourinho for a selfie. “My mother has been a fan of Jose’s for years and I had to ask her to take a photo with them“explained the English player.

In full celebration, Vinicius approached the stands to greet his ‘boss’, the rapper Jay-Zthe owner of the Roc Nation representation agency, the company that handles the Brazilian’s business. Lando Norrisa Formula 1 driver, also went down to the grass to take photos with several footballers.

The party continued in the mixed area and on the bus, where Vinicius appeared wearing sunglasses. “There comes a time when the Madrid players say ‘now’, and they go and win“said Florentino Pérez in the hallways.