Villarreal completes 200 draws in First

He Villarreal completed this past Sunday, equaling one in La Cerámica with the Huesca, two hundred ties in First division: 98 has obtained them at home and 102, at home.

It should be noted that the first draw of the Castellón team in the championship dates from the 98-99 season and corresponds to the first of the games played in the category, which ended with a score of 1-1 against the Celta Vigo.

The global computation of the The flat in First Division matches it is 761 divided into 312 victories, 200 draws and 249 defeats.

The tie against him Huesca It certifies that Villarreal is not capable of starting the League with a victory at home, since they have not won at home in any of the five starts of the championship at their stadium, where they accumulate three draws and two defeats.