Villarreal already has 15,000 subscribers

He Villarreal CF announced this Thursday that after seventeen days of season tickets for the 20-21 season, the 15,000 registrations have already been exceeded, bringing the club closer to the 20,000 subscribers figure.

From the club Castellón It is intended to reach that figure of 20,000 subscribers, objective and the desire that the president marked Fernando Roig for this course.

The president assured EFE before starting this membership campaign called # YoSíEstoy, that his idea was for people to be “with the team in these difficult moments” and that reaching 20,000 members would mean “a boost to the club.”

A figure that is now closer than ever, since after exceeding 15,000 subscribers in seventeen days, the average is a renewal rate of about a thousand subscribers per day, which means that 5,000 subscribers can be exceeded in the remaining ten days.

The club has launched this September one of the most ambitious and aggressive campaigns in memory, with a 60% discount on season tickets, but so is the atypical situation experienced by the coronavirus and it is unknown if the followers They will return to the stands of the stadiums.

Villarreal CF has been able to surpass that figure of 20,000 subscribers sometime in these twenty previous years, the team being in the Champions League, but for a decade now the yellow team has been moving along the line of 18,000 or 19,000 members, with a stadium with capacity for 25,000 fans.