Villarreal aims for Europe

Villarreal points to Europe. The Castellón team won their third game in a row and already has four mattress points in that seventh position that gives access to Europe. Incidentally, he pushed away a direct rival, a stuck Granada that paid the goal and, despite his reaction, could not beat an Asenjo who chains three games without fitting.

The Granada came out very plugged in. Taking the ball away from Villarreal and arriving. In fact, Asenjo's saving hand prevented Soldado's goal after three minutes, which he finished off frankly in the small area. Calleja's couldn't manage to impose their game, so Rubén Peña looked long for Gerard Moreno who beat Carlos Neva's back and finished hard down to open the scoring. The goal was a cold water jug ​​for the Nasrid team that was lost in the match. He was not comfortable, he did not generate and he could not impose the idea with which he had come out. Desperate and without ideas. Nor did Villarreal, well planted and without suffering, create too much. The best Ontiveros had it in a shot from the front that touched Víctor Díaz's back and crashed into the crossbar.

Machís left after the restart and the game was encouraged. The Venezuelan did damage for his band and Villarreal found spaces. Yangel tried, Machís too, but although they were prowling the yellow area, they did not finish hurting Asenjo. In fact, Alcacer had the best, soon after leaving, after a great pass from Gerard, but his shot only in the small area sent him out. Granada continued to cheer up. Yangel finished off a great goal from Machís in the mouth of a goal and Carlos Fernández tried it from outside the area, but his shot went outside. Diego Martínez played with everything, however the forces faltered and Villarreal, with the entry of Cazorla, controlled without suffering the game. Granada, as always, did not lower their arms and Puertas, in the discount, had the tie. Villarreal conquered Los Cármenes to continue their triumphant streak after the restart. Europe is closer to Castellón and away from a Granada that wants to keep dreaming.


Machís (45 ', Soldier), Franck Zambo (54 ', Manu Morlanes), Alcacer (54 ', Bacca), Antonin (60 ', Brice), Azeez (60 ', Fede Vico), Samuel Chukwueze (64 ', Javi Ontiveros), Gil Dias (76 ', Carlos Neva), Mario (80 ', Rubén Peña), Cazorla (80 ', Gerard Moreno), Foulquier (82 ', Víctor Díaz)


0-1, 10 ': Gerard Moreno


Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández
VAR Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias
Alberto Moreno (19 ', Yellow) Samuel Chukwueze (85 ', Yellow) Asenjo (89 ', Yellow