Villarato without borders

Although now we are getting used to technology despite criticismten years ago many of the participants in the World Cup in South Africa those who raised their voices asking for technology in football before so many arbitration errors. Up to eighths there were 16 that affected goals. But there were two that set off alarms. One was in Germany-England, which left Capello out. It was 38 minutes, just one minute after the English goal that meant 2-1, Lampard put together a shot that crashed into the crossbar and ended bouncing inside the goal. Neither the referee, Jorge Larrionda, nor his assistant, Mauricio Espinosa, noticed and they did not concede the goal. Although it was not granted, the images revealed an error that marked the tie.

The other major arbitration ruling occurred in the Argentina-Mexico, Tevez scored when offside, not even the goalkeeper was between the striker and the goal. The worst was when the repetition was shown on the video scoreboard and the error was evident in the middle of the match, which caused the Mexican team to cry out against the referee, Roberto Rosetti, and his assistant, who the latter became aware of the failure by the video marker. Rosetti could not back down despite the evidence, FIFA had given a clear order not to back down, which Webb did not do in Brazil-Egypt.

The suspicions jumped With these two cases, not because Villar was the president of the FIFA Referees Commission, but because the balance of the two errors fall in favor of Germanywhose sponsor was Adidas and that he was also a member of FIFA (rank higher than that of sponsor), and of Argentina, being the president of intimate AFA Blatter's friend and FIFA vice president.