Villar: “I don't know if there were doubts”

Ivan Villar, the only goalkeeper of the first team who since the start of the season has been at the disposal of Oscar Garcia, responded this Wednesday to questions from the press in an appearance recorded by the Celtic.

From what you know about your teammates, will Sergio or Rubén be available first?

I do not know. Rubén is training with us, he has been for a couple of weeks now. I do not know the times each injury requires. I wish them to recover as soon as possible because it is good for the group.

Do you think you were doubted when Sergio and Rubén were injured?

I do not know if there were doubts or not, I was focused on what depended on me, which was to train every day to the fullest and to be prepared for when I had to play to do my best. I was calm. Both the people at the club and my teammates gave me their complete confidence.

Is being the only goalkeeper of the first team for a long time a responsibility since you can't catch a single flu?

Being a goalkeeper for the Celta first team is always a responsibility. I try to take maximum care of myself, whether in this situation or in another.

Would you understand that Rubén was the starting goalkeeper again?

That answer is the coach's decision. I'm going to try to train and make it as difficult for him so that whoever plays is the best prepared.

Have you turned to the club's psychological cabinet to overcome the pressure?

I did not resort to any psychological issue. I did the same thing that I have done all my life playing soccer. I've been here for thirteen years and from the quarry they prepare us quite well for when we make the leap.

As you add minutes and good performances, do you notice more poise in games?

It is obvious that the minutes give you experience. I try to prepare myself in training as well as possible for the games.

Do you understand that there may be an audience in Second B matches and in other sports, but not in First and Second fields?

I don't have an answer to that question. I would love to play these games with the Celta fans, with Balaídos full, because it is an illusion that I have since I arrived here. I would like to fulfill it a little.

How do you see the two most dangerous forwards in LaLiga like Luis Suárez and Joao Felix measure up?

I face it as one more game. With great enthusiasm and eagerness.