Villalibre is left with a bitter aftertaste

“We knew it was going to be a very difficult match, they are a very physical team, in a field that seems smaller. It was the game we expected, tough. ” Asier Villalibre He made this shallow balances at the foot of the field in the microphones of Movistar laLiga.

Gernika's tip stressed that “we always go for the three points”, so the tie left them half. “You have a bitter taste left because we are in Europe's fight. I think we played a good game. It is true that they have dominated us at some point. It was a shame, “he added.

You have a bitter taste because we are in Europe's fight. I think we made a good match.

Regarding the indications of Garitano When leaving in the second part, he limited himself to explaining that “more than anything it was how to position ourselves, Ibai on the right and I on the left, nothing specific.” Likewise, Villalibre related how he made the equalizer. “It was with the knee, I gave him what I could and there was luck“He admitted.