Vikings soar in the NFL power rankings after beating the Falcons in a comeback game.

Vikings soar in the NFL power rankings after beating the Falcons in a comeback game.

The Vikings have had to trade for a player before the end of the season twice in a row because of an injury in Week 8. Just like T.J. Hockenson achieved in 2022 when Irv Smith, Jr. got hurt, Joshua Dobbs was a big part of Minnesota’s Week 9 win in 2023.

Dobbs came in at quarterback for rookie Jaren Hall, who was making his debut a week following Kirk Cousins hurt his Achilles and had to miss the rest of the season. While Nick Mullens was out with an injury, the Vikings looked to Hall as a backup quarterback.

Hockenson had just a few hours to get used to a whole new system because the Vikings were getting ready for a road game in Washington the next week.

The tight end wasn’t bothered by it at all; he caught nine passes for 70 yards in a 20-17 win.

Dobbs had just a few days to get used to a new system, just like his newly acquired teammate Hockenson did a year ago.

But while Hall left with a concussion in the initial quarter and couldn’t play again, Dobbs was the sole other QB who could play.

But unlike Hockenson, Dobbs didn’t work out with the starting offense, which included center Garrett Bradbury, because Head Coach Kevin O’Connell was busy getting Hall ready for his first start within Atlanta.

The Vikings’ offensive line had to learn Dobbs’ rhythm on the sidelines just minutes before his first series, or O’Connell had to basically translate play calls to him in the middle of the huddle.

Dobbs overcame two fumbles and a sack within the end zone by a Falcons safety in leading Minnesota to an exciting 31-28 comeback win.

What used to be pretty good has turned into something else for the Ravens. In the last three weeks, they’ve played the Detroit Lions, the Cardinals, and the Seahawks.

Two of those teams are among the best in the league. All together, Baltimore won each of these matches by scores of 106-33. Arizona scored 24 too.

All of that is to say that the Ravens have performed better than anyone else. That’s something that needs to be said.

This is some very good football being played right now. They’re one of the few completely finished teams, and along alongside the Bengals and Chiefs, they should be talked about as real AFC title candidates.

The Eagles, 49ers, as well as Lions are three of the best teams in the NFC. However, the NFC South does not have a team within its group.

Minnesota beat New Orleans, which knocked the Falcons out of first place. However, Minnesota as well as New Orleans are still in the middle of the playoff pack.

There was a lot of talk this summer of the Baltimore Ravens’ new system and how Lamar Jackson would throw the ball more. With more attention on the passing game, Jackson would become an even bigger star on the team.

Jackson has done a great job with Todd Monken’s new system. He is a real MVP candidate, but the real MVP for this team so far isn’t Jackson’s great quarterback skills.

Over the years, the Baltimore Ravens as well as defense have come to represent one and the same thing. This team plays defense better than any other in the game.

The Ravens have 35 sacks, which is the most in the NFL. They give up 13.6 points per game, or 11.0 points in the last three games.

People think that the Ravens’ defense in 2000 was one of the best ever. They gave up ten points per game, which was the fewest in a 16-game season.

In terms of points scored, this year’s squad is right behind them. However, that team only had 43 sacks, or about 2.7 steals per game. With 3.9 sacks per game, this group has the most in the league.

It’s Mike Macdonald’s second year as defensive coordinator. He does an excellent job for calling the defense, hitting from different spots, and using all 11 players to cause problems.

They use a lot of pass rushers—not just one star—in different ways to mess up the other team’s passers. Macdonald is seen as an upcoming leader in his field, and he will soon be a head teacher.