Vieri: “Messi is like Harry Potter; when I leave football I will throw away my television”

Christian Vieri has surrendered to Messi. The former Italian international striker is now a commentator and often does so without mincing words. After Juventus-Barcelona, ​​how could it be otherwise, he highlighted Koeman's party and praised Messi's magic. What's more, Vieri believes that the result was even misleading. “It was an incredible Barcelona, ​​there was no game. They could have scored six or seven goals easily. They played very well. I don't know how they lost against Real Madrid, but if you watch the game against Juventus, you will say that they cannot lose against anyone. How they played! Each game is different, but the Barcelona that I have seen and everyone has seen is simply incredible, “said the former striker without regard.

Vieri also wanted to highlight Messi. “He's a wizard, he's the Harry Potter of football and when he stops playing, I'll throw my televisions away. I won't work on TV anymore, I'll watch Netflix, that's enough, because when he retires, there will be nothing else to watch. When you have a number 10 well, it's crazy. It's a shame that there were no fans in the stadium, they should see a team like this, “explained Bobo on the air.