Victoria Federica’s plugging raises blisters in the influencer world: “There is jealousy and envy”

Victoria Federica It has become the great claim of fashion brands. In just over a year, the daughter of the infanta elena y Jaime de Marichalar He went from having a private profile on social media to amassing almost 250,000 followers on Instagram.

These numbers already give her the title of influencer, although she herself denied it in the first interview she gave in a magazine. “I am very clear that I do not want to become an influencer. It is a job that I respect a lot, however, it is not a professional outlet with which I identify myself.”

A few months after those statements, the granddaughter of Don Juan Carlos signed for one of the most important representation agencies in our country, Soy Olivia, which manages the image of Laura Scanes, Maria Garcia de Jaime and, until recently, that of Maria Pombo. the woman of Pablo Castellanos has now signed with the Vertical agency, which belongs to the pilot Marc Márquez.

It was commented then that the departure of Pombo de Soy Olivia would have to do with Vic, since he was stealing prominence from him and becoming number one in the agency. However, since The Ana Rosa Program they deny that the niece of Philip VI have something to do with this. What they do assure is that in the influencer world there is “jealousy and envy” because Victoria Federica “has very good contracts” unlike other girls who have been curing it for longer. And the last name weighs a lot…