Victoria Federica’s friends, worried: “The hate she receives is going to take its toll on her”

The latest controversy that affects Froilán’s sister is causing a stir. The ‘cursed cover’, as it has been called, has put Victoria Federica and her agency in the spotlight by requesting 10,000 euros for a pose that, according to the magazine Fearless, had been agreed free of charge as part of a tribute to Roca Rey, the bullfighter who was a friend of the royal granddaughter. Both parties have been facing each other for days on social networks and the media, two versions that are already in the hands of lawyers and that have pushed Vic to the limit.

The young woman’s environment affirms that she is having a really bad time with this situation, not only for being the protagonist of a new controversy (and there are already quite a few) but for doing it in the most important week for her cousin Leonor: the Princess of Asturias (last Friday), the swearing in of the Constitution and his birthday (next Tuesday). Apparently, Casa Real had asked all family members for discretion these days and Vic, once again (although this time, not voluntarily), has stepped out of control.

The ‘cursed cover’ was preceded by her alleged bad manners at a photocall (where they claim she made a photographer cry), her refusal to speak to the press, her new supposed new boyfriend… Endless news that distances her from the educated and sophisticated image that she wants to project and that she no longer knows how to manage: “It makes me very sad because she is a person who I wish could be known beyond the media lynching to which she is subjected. Everything she says is outrageous “said his friend Tomás Páramo. The influencer also added: “She is a 23-year-old girl who has a head and in the end, that psychological burden of constant hatred is going to take its toll on her. She will pay for it, if she is not already paying for it. Someone will regret it.” make a person suffer.”

Her ex-boyfriend, DJ Jorge Bárcenas, has also stood up for her these days. It’s been a little over a year since they broke up but they remain good friends and he knows the media interest that the granddaughter of the emeritus arouses: “It can’t be easy for anyone to manage something like that. In the end it’s a lot of pressure, but Victoria is a super girl. educated, a charm of a girl and a woman”.