Victoria Federica speaks out about the alleged friendship of Froilán and Daniel Sancho

Become one of the most popular influencers of the moment, Victoria Federica This Thursday she attended the first day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, where she went accompanied by her great friends María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo. There she was asked about one of the latest pieces of information about her brother. Froilan: his supposed friendship with daniel sancho.

Infanta Elena’s daughter has been more friendly than on other occasions but continues with her line of not mixing work with personal aspects: “I’m not going to say anything, really, thank you very much”. Her presence has aroused a lot of interest, so much so that she has even had to be escorted by several people from the organization. She ended up begging the cameras: “Can you go a little further back? You’re dazzling me a little. Please, I don’t want to delay the parade any longer. Thank you guys, really.”

Vic has become the big star of the Ynes Suelves show, for which she has chosen a very sophisticated look consisting of a sleeveless black leather jacket with a belt marking the waist and beige flared pants, as well as some gold maxi earrings that stood out. although on this occasion she has chosen to show off her long, loose and straight hair.

The true relationship between Froilán and Daniel Sancho

Informalia He has spoken with the family environment of Sancho Gracia’s grandson to ask them about the true relationship between Daniel and Froilán. According to several media outlets this week, the chef and the royal grandson share friends and the former would have tried to contact the other from the Koh Panghan police station to help him after being arrested for the crime of Edwin Arrieta “It’s simply absurd,” they deny us. “They don’t know what to invent to fatten and stretch this tragedy, as if it weren’t terrible enough in itself,” they add.