Victoria Federica 'ronea' with an 'ex' boyfriend in Toledo: they talk about a reconciliation

Froilán's sister has visited the Castilian city twice in two weeks and not precisely to see the works of El Greco but to Gonzalo Lorenzoone of her first formal boyfriends. Victoria Federica and he have resumed their friendship and, according to witnesses, they are not shy about affectionate and cuddling in public.

On December 1, Infanta Elena's daughter was seen in a well-known restaurant in the city with Gonzalo. According to YASthe complicity between them was more than evident. “They were together in 2017 and perhaps now there is something more than a friendship. They could be resuming something else”, They have said. Vic and his friend had dinner accompanied by the bullfighter Álvaro Lorenzo, Gonzalo's brother, and his girlfriend.

As we said, this has not been Vic's only trip to Toledo in recent days: on December 6, inaugurating the festive long weekend, she was seen in a shopping center in the city. “His visits are frequent”they have assured.

Gonzalo Lorenzo is 26 years old and is part of his brother's team as a sword waiter. His relationship with Victoria Federica was so serious that they even met their respective parents and they attended several family celebrations together both in Toledo (where the Lorenzo family has a farm) and in Madrid.

Time will tell if Gonzalo has come into Vic's life to give himself another chance or if his is just a friendship, one more that joins that of the pilot. Albert Arenas or the model Alex Recart, with whom the granddaughter of the emeritus has been linked in recent months. The influencer's friends, however, insist: “She is single and doing very well.”