Victoria Federica jokes with the press about her possible new dream with a Mr. Spain: “Every day you give me one”

Victoria Federica He is already back in Madrid. The daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar traveled to Sri Lanka a few days ago to enjoy her Holy Week days. On her return to the capital, the new contestant of The challenge He has joked with the press about his relationship situation.

Oh yes, every day you give me one“, said the granddaughter of King Juan Carlos when the media asked her about her possible new dream. We must remember that this Friday the fooling around that ‘Vic’ had with the model came to light. Ruben GaitanMister Spain 2022.

Froilán’s sister, who had to be more than used to the cameras, has not responded to the media’s question about how she is facing her contest in The challenge, the famous talent show of famous people who also have the signing of Genoveva Casanova.

Your trip to Sri Lanka

Victoria Federica traveled to Sri Lanka these days of Easter. The young woman shared on her Instagram profile a carousel of photographs that arouse anyone’s envy. During her trip, the young woman enjoyed a safari and was enthralled by a herd of elephants. In this experience, Jorge Bárcenas’ ex has been accompanied by her influencer friend Rocío Laffón.