Victoria Federica earns enemies for her diva airs in photocalls: “She arrives late and leaves without speaking”

To the daughter of the infanta elena He really likes the spotlight and the money that moves behind each event he attends as an influencer, but the other part of the job bores him: answering questions from the press that awaits him at the respective photocalls.

This was demonstrated this Thursday during the presentation from the new Multiópticas collection. For a start, Victoria Federica she was summoned at 6:30 p.m., but did not appear until two hours later, at 8:30 p.m.

Once she did the corresponding posed with a most daring look with denim cargo pants, a cut-out top with a chain, cowgirl-style boots and red-tinted eyebrows, the sister of froilan he ran out of the place “with bad manners”, running away from all the microphones and photographers.

The reporters say that her attitude left much to be desired, as her security team “badly” prevented anyone from even approaching her to say “good afternoon.” They even say that there was some other “push”. It is not necessary that the granddaughter of Don Juan Carlos answer each of the questions from the press, but with a smile and a simple “everything is fine, thank you” it would demonstrate the good manners that you are supposed to have been taught at home.