Victoria Federica counterprograms Leonor: she avoids her cousin’s 18th birthday party and goes to Peru

Leonor, the swearing in of the Constitution and her 18th birthday. It is the planetary event of the year, the most important institutional, historical event of the Royal House in 2023. Counterprogramming this event is a lot of counterprogramming. Well, that’s what Victoria Federica has achieved. We already knew that only Kings Felipe VI and Letizia and their daughters will attend the ceremonies at the Congress and the Royal Palace. Like the rest of the Borbón and Ortiz families, Vic was included, of course, on the guest list at the private event at El Pardo, in Madrid. However, the influencer is not going to attend.

Victoria Federica had been giving clues about her intention not to attend her cousin Leonor’s celebration. Now your amaze is confirmed. The influencer is going on a trip to Peru with some friends to attend the bullfight of the right-handed Roca Rey in the Acho bullring in Lima. Roca Rey will take to the ring on Sunday the 29th. This is how she publishes it The confidential.

The rumor of Vic’s non-relationship with his cousin and his uncles, the Kings, has been ringing for a long time. The daughter of Elena and Jaime de Marichalar shared a heart on her social networks along with the image of her cousin on National Holiday Day. Despite her affection, it seems that Victoria had stuck to her no, that she was not going to the El Pardo party on October 31. A full-fledged Bourbon conclave, which represents the historic reunion of the Kings and their daughters with the emeritus, the infantas Elena and Cristina and their children. From the Ortiz family, Paloma Rocasolano and Jesús Ortiz (their respective partners, Marcus Brandler and Ana Togores, are also expected) and Telma, with Robert Gavin Bonnar, whom she already took to Leonor’s debut at the 2019 Princess of Asturias Awards. This A great event means for Doña Sofía the long-awaited reunion of her three children, Felipe, Elena and Cristina, a few hours before her 85th birthday. The best gift for the Queen Emeritus.