Victoria Federica, christening with her friends: she is still mute and making rudeness to the press

Victoria Federica she continues giving snubs to the press, which make her one of the most criticized characters in recent days. But the daughter of the infanta elena he turns a deaf ear to criticism and to soften it the only thing that occurs to him is to smile, but without saying a word. Thus she has acted in her reappearance in public at the baptism of Federicothe son of his great friends Maria Garcia de Jaime y Tomas Paramo.

The sister of froilan She went to the Church of Nuestra Señora de La Paz in La Moraleja this Friday with a smile on her face, once again ignoring the questions from the press, but delighted to meet her friends. the niece of Philip VI He did not want to confirm the rumors of a relationship with the motorcycle pilot Albert Arenasnor if he plans to follow in his brother’s footsteps and leave Spain for a while to escape media pressure.

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The influencer of the royal family wore a flowing animal print design in brown tones that, due to the cold, could only be guessed under the lilac scarf by Chanel that she used to protect herself. You could only see the lower part of her design and her sophisticated burgundy platform and velvet sandals that she has already used on more than one occasion.

Victoria has received numerous attacks in the last week for her attitude in front of the cameras. Both in events to which she attends paid, as in the last party of Mò de Multiópticas, the brand of which she is the image, as well as in her “private” appearances, the influencer is elusive, serious and cutting with the media despite that the public profession they have chosen, and that requires other types of communicative skills and attitudes.

Christening of influencers

Victoria attended as one more of the universe of famous influencers in Spain at the celebration of the baptism of the third child, Federico, of María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo lived as one of the most special days of her life, in which the couple of popular instagrammers were accompanied, in addition to Victoria Federica, by numerous well-known faces.

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The place chosen was the Parish of Nuestra Señora de La Paz in La Moraleja, where the proud parents said “I do” more than three years ago and where they wanted their little one, who was born on March 24, to receive the baptismal waters. The couple boasted of their already large family made up of the little ones Tommy y Catalina, aged 7 and 2 respectively, holding hands with their father, Tomás and María, who dazzled with a set of a sky blue midi skirt and a silk kimono-type blouse in the same tone with pink floral details and a bow at the neck. As accessories, elegant burgundy velvet heeled sandals.

also attended Maria Pomboaccompanied by her husband paul castellano and radiant in a long green dress with flowers and leaves in different shades of green, red and black that showed off her bulging tummy, since she is seven and a half months pregnant, a black blazer and matching sandals.

Another of the guests Marta Pombo who is preparing the details of his next wedding with Luis Zamalloand without the small Matilda On this occasion, she exuded simplicity with a long white lace dress with openwork, short sleeves, a V-neckline and details cut out at the level of the abdomen.

Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo y Martha Lozano They arrived with the husband of the first, Ignacio Ayllon, with very successful looks; while the blonde, with her hair collected in a braid, opted for a pink and cream half-tongue print dress with short puffed sleeves, a straight neckline and a matching belt with a pearl buckle, the brunette opted for a sophisticated ensemble midi skirt and asymmetrical top with ruffles on the shoulder, and on the bottom of the skirt, in red with an original print in black, the same color as her sandals and her leather handbag.