Victoria Federica, awarded in Las Ventas against her last two ‘leagues’, Omar Montes and Roca Rey

the daughter of the infanta elena y Jaime de Marichalar will be one of the stars this Wednesday at the Plaza 1 awards ceremony in Las Ventas. Victoria Federica he will receive his first award and will do so in the ‘Youth and Bullfighting’ category, for his support and dedication to the world of bullfighting. She will also receive him in very good company, since the bullfighter will also attend the event king rock (who will receive the ‘Figure of the season’ award) and the singer Omar Monteswho will be in charge of entertaining part of the evening.

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An amusing coincidence considering that both names, Roca Rey and Omar Montes, sounded like possible love affairs of the royal granddaughter after her breakup with DJ Jorge Bárcenas. With the first she went to Peru, where she was received as one of the family, and with the second she followed him to Galicia to enjoy one of her concerts. Of course, from the backstage and completely integrated into the team of Pan Bendito. Rumors about a possible relationship between Vic and the bullfighter or Vic and Chabelita’s ex stayed at that.

This Wednesday, February 1, Victoria will receive her first award and she will do so in a world that she adores and whose passion she inherited from her mother and also from her grandfather. The gala will be attended by such important personalities as Juan José Padilla, José María Manzanares, Julián López El Juli’, Alejandro Talavante, Miguel Ángel Perera, El Fandi, Juan del Val, José Ortega Cano or his daughter Gloria Camila, among others.