Víctor Francos: “I don’t want any pressure from anyone on Jenni Hermoso”


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor Francos, assured this Wednesday that he does not want “any pressure from anyone on Jenni Hermoso”, the footballer of the Spanish team to whom the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF ), Luis Rubiales, kissed on the lips in the delivery of medals as women’s World Cup champions, and announced that he will submit complaints against the president to the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD).

“I don’t want any pressure from anyone on Jenni (Beautiful). I don’t want anyone to think that this is going to depend on what she may or may not decide to say, because it is possible that she may decide not to say anything, therefore we will respect her decision. “, indicated the Secretary of State for Sport in statements in La Sexta collected by Europa Press.

Francos insisted that “there is no responsibility” for the soccer player in this episode. Therefore, “if she does not want to declare or does not want to explain her version”, the CSD will understand it “perfectly”.

“We have asked the RFEF to open the corresponding file that its own internal regulations establish in the event of a possible breach of the protocol of decorum, of sexist attitudes. We know that it has been opened and I have formally requested that it be urgent We would like the final resolution to be sent to us at the end of the Assembly,” asked Francos.

When that Extraordinary General Assembly this Friday ends, after Integrity opened proceedings, and as announced by Francos himself, the CSD will submit the complaints against Rubiales to the TAD. “On Monday we would start the procedure to analyze the complaints for their eventual or not submission to the TAD. At the latest, Monday, it depends on when we receive the file,” he explained.

“I have three complaints to submit to the TAD, I have to analyze them regardless of what the Assembly says. Therefore, the Assembly interests me a lot. Let’s see what happens, because obviously we are on a subject in which I think it is so political, that it is very good to have all possible visions. But what I cannot do is, depending on what happens in the Assembly, ignore the complaints that it has and the repeated ones,” added Francos.

The president of the CSD reiterated that the body will maintain a position “as neutral and aseptic as possible” so that the “complicated” process “is not overshadowed or challenged.” “And what I can say is that we will act quickly, we will act with determination and we will act as established by the Sports Law, and analyzing very carefully,” he asserted.

Regarding a possible resignation of Rubiales, Francos acknowledged that he does not know if the president will opt for her. “I have not spoken with him in the last hours, I do not know what change there is, therefore, I do not have additional information. I am not here to assess whether Mr. Rubiales has to resign or not,” he repeated, before stating that ” without a doubt” there is no persecution against Rubiales “by the CSD”.