Víctor Font would like to reunite Messi and Guardiola

Victor Font, candidate for the presidency of the Barcelona has given an interview to Sky Sports, in which he reveals some of the main lines of his program. His desire is to reunite Messi and Guardiola at Barça, along with other key players from the Sextete, such as Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol: “Our intention is to build a very strong and competitive project. We are very lucky at Barça for having inherited a style of play that Johan Cruyff instilled. In addition, the majority of professionals who know this style best also love the club such as Pep Guardiola, Xavi, Iniesta or Puyol. TThey are all legends who love Barcelona, ​​but who do not work for the club today. We need to bring them back to make sure we have a very competitive project. “

Victor Fon also went through the microphones of “The spar” after the resignation of Bartomeu and the start of the management board before the elections.

Bartomeu exit: “They have been errors of all kinds, in the economic area, institutional issues that have placed the club in moral bankruptcy. We must add talent and face this challenge”

Politics in the departure of Bartomeu: “I want to believe that nothing. It has been very significant that the motion was formed in the midst of the pandemic and that 20,000 members have signed. It has precipitated the end of its board of directors.”

Worst president in competition with Gaspart: “I think Bartomeu is the worst president in the history of Barcelona, ​​but it's time to turn the page. We have been talking about projects for years, getting excited about games like today, turning the economic situation around. We have to offer projects to the partner. Hopefully the elections are soon due to the decisions that have to be made. “

Best match after Bartomeu: “Maybe the team has let go.”

Congratulations to Barcelona: “That a board has to leave it this way is not good for the institution.”

Renew Messi: “Undoubtedly the first issue to be discussed will be the renewal of Messi. It is an absolute priority because at the beginning of January he is free. We must ensure that Leo understands that there is going to be an exciting and winning project here.”

Messi's environment: “Leo is clear that he is counted on. There is a good harmony with Xavi. It is public that he would have loved Xavi to be the coach. Ensuring that we have a winning project is to ensure Leo a few more years.”

Candidacy with Laporta: “It is ruled out that Joan Laporta and Víctor Font go together to the elections”.

Koeman: “Very exciting. Considering that I took on the challenge in a complex situation. It has turned the team around. The note is good.”

Count on him: “We want the area to be in the hands of people who are in the world of football.”

Super league: “Very surprised. I know that this project does not exist as such. The idea is that some clubs have been working on. In the past it seemed that it could be done. Announcing this when you are going to a project that does not yet exist is strange “.

Message from Thebes: “He has to defend the interests of LaLiga and without knowing what is being discussed, the interests of LaLiga and the Champions would be affected.”

Management Board: “You have to avoid making any type of decision that is relevant and manage the day-to-day life of the club, so it is important that the elections take place as soon as possible. There is a lot of uncertainty about how and when you will be able to vote.”

Xavi: “A job has been done in recent years knowing what lies behind the legends and what lies behind this style and model of play, who is capable of assuming responsibility. Xavi, like Guardiola, by his leadership is a person who can assume different roles within the project “.

Jordi Cruyff: “The sports project is led by Xavi and it was even made public who he wanted to have. The organization chart is very complex and some names have come out.”

Situation: “In the medium or long term we anticipated that complex situations were going to arise. The situation is worrying. We have a plan to rebuild the club and that the model is still in the hands of partners and that the club is fighting for the Champions League.”

Match: “Exciting to see players like Pedri or Ansu”.