Víctor Font asks Joan Laporta to take “a step aside” and claims to be “ready” to succeed him

The former presidential candidate shows his “deep concern” about the direction of FC Barcelona


The former candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona and promoter of ‘Yes to the Future’ Víctor Font sent a letter this Thursday to the president of the Blaugrana club, Joan Laporta, in which he shows his “deep concern” about the current state of the entity and in which asks him to “step aside” if he does not have the strength to change course, while at the same time ensuring that he is “ready” to succeed him as president.

“I continue to be at your disposal to help in any way we can. But yes, given the complexity of the moment and as it seems due to the poor results achieved since 2021, you do not see yourself with the heart to move Barça forward, we ask you to take a step “We represent a new generation of ‘culers’ and we are ready, prepared to transform the club, modernize it and return it once and for all to the place it deserves,” Font wrote to Laporta.

“We must recognize once and for all where we are and rebuild the institution from the foundations. The situation is critical and maximum professionalization and experience are necessary to reverse it. If we take advantage of all the potential we have, we will be able to compete again against the best,” he added. .

A week after learning, in information published by El Periódico, that a club supplier helped pay for the maintenance of the guarantee that allowed Laporta to take office, Font demands “transparency” with an issue that not only “negatively” affects the image and reputation” of FC Barcelona but also entails “non-compliance with the institution’s code of ethics.”

“We ask that the Club carry out an exercise of transparency in all the issues that are greatly negatively affecting its image and reputation, as committed at the beginning of the mandate. Especially in the issue of endorsements, which involves non-compliance with the ethical code of the institution, and the possible conflicts of interest of the sports director,” he noted.

Furthermore, they ask that in the coming weeks the club not carry out any “dubious operation” that involves a “flight forward”, such as the sale of part of Barça Studios, a new sale of assets (strategic players) and/or that mortgage more future income (new agreement with Nike), with the “sole objective of balancing the accounts and covering up the economic reality that has not been corrected.”

In the letter, Víctor Font also regrets what happened with the coach of the first men’s soccer team, Xavi Hernández, and the “terrible management of the possible replacement or not” of the coach.

“The situation continues to be one of operational losses, there is very little time left to find a real investor to validate the fictitious sale of 49% of Barça Studios and who is willing to do so with a valuation of 400,000 euros, an unrealistic value well above what the market is willing to pay,” he argued about this possible partial sale of Barça Studios.