Vicente Moreno: “They came out better; 0-1 was too easy”

Vicente Moreno appreciated the defeat against Barcelona and considers it decisive to get behind on the scoreboard from the first minute with Arturo Vidal's 0-1. The Mallorca coach can get few positive things from the duel against the Barça team and, in addition, facing the next day against Villarreal, he will not be able to count on Dani Rodríguez by sanction. He saw a yellow card and will complete the cycle.

Sensations after defeat: “The reality is that we did not put the demand that we really had to put on the rival so that they were in trouble. In the first minute we received a goal too easily and before these teams, if this happens, it is difficult to beat them. Then there was a moment when we threw more on goal, but his efficiency and goal ability is greater. We had and did not score. When we saw them move away on the scoreboard and score more goals, it makes your job harder. ”

Shield / Flag Mallorca

The start of the match: “It is not about involvement or not wanting. They came out better, it's reality. We emphasized that it was important that if there was any team that could have a hard time getting started it would have to be them. But it was the other way around. If we had a slogan it was not to receive a goal so soon. Then everything becomes difficult and everything you had prepared is lost and you have to pass plan B. ”

Playing without an audience: “It is what we are going to find from now on. It is never easy to play without an audience. It is a handicap to alter what happens on the field of play and it has been difficult for us to adapt. We are going to think that away from home, which costs us a little more, the situation will be even and see if it benefits us. ”

Calendar: “Before Madrid we have Leganés and on Tuesday Villarreal. The calendar is difficult, it is reality. But you always have in mind to win the games. We know the rivals and the possibility is to win or not. We have to be calm, we know the points that we will need, more or less, to save ourselves and it is about having them when the season ends. we have to keep calm. If these weeks it costs us more to add, then when we play against the direct rivals we will not be able to fail. It will be key to win the direct rivals and then add in games like today. “