Varapalo for Carmen Martínez-Bordiú and Francis Franco: they are left without noble title due to the new Law of Democratic Memory

Searching for those who disappeared during the Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship, and studying the possible violations of human rights between 1978 and 1983 are the objectives of the Democratic Memory Law that will enter into force this Friday after a long parliamentary process. The new law also annuls different titles of nobility.

Among those affected, two grandchildren of the dictator Francisco Franco: Carmen Martinez-Bordiuwho is left without the dukedom of Francos and Francisco Franco and Martínez-Bordiúwho will cease to be Lord of Meirás after this new law of the Government of Pedro Sanchez. This is another ‘disappointment’ for the grandchildren of Franco and carmen polowhich have waged a tense dispute in court with the Government over the Pazo de Meirás and the assets within it.

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Other noble titles that are also affected by the new law are those of Fernando María Primo de Rivera Oriol, Duke of Primo de Rivera; José Calvo Sotelo and Olry de Labry, Duke of Calvo Sotelo; Emilio Mola and Pérez de Laborda, Duke of Mola; and Gonzalo Queipo de Llano y Mencos, Marquis of Queipo de Llano. In total, a total of 33 titles are annulled, divided into marquisates, dukedoms, counties and lordships).

The new Democratic Memory Law

The Official State Gazette (BOE) published this Thursday this rule that was definitively approved 15 days ago with the votes against PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

The new norm, which replaces the 2007 Memory Law, was born under the principles of “truth, justice and reparation” and seeks to dignify the forgotten victims, as well as “avoid the repetition of the most tragic episodes in history.”

Thus, he considers it a political “inexcusable moral duty” and a “sign of the quality of democracy” to remember, repair and dignify the victims of the coup d’état, the war in Spain and the Franco dictatorship because he understands that “forgetting is not option for a democracy”.

These are some of the most important points of the law: the Francoist regime will be declared illegal, the State assumes the search for disappeared persons, a court prosecutor will be in charge of investigating human rights violations and symbols contrary to democratic memory will be removed , among other points.