Vanesa Romero and Santi Burgoa deny that they have broken up, as they assured in the Emma García program

Vanesa Romero and Santi Burgoa deny their breakup announced this Sunday by the Emma García program. They said on Telecinco that between them “things do not flow” and that between the actress and her boyfriend “there is a difference of opinion.” They explained in the Mediaset magazine that the interpreter had cheated the decision to break but that there were no third parties.

But the aforementioned have denied the hoax by publishing a story of the two together taking a walk. First it was the artist of La que se avecina who spread the denial and then Santi shared it on her profile to contradict the rumor of separation between them.

Both have been dating since last summer, when Romero said that Santi “gathers many things that make me happy, so imagine he has many qualities that he has, what can I tell you about him,” he declared.