Valverde: “We were superior much of the match”

Fede Valverde was in charge of commenting on his impressions of the match in the superflash interview in front of the Movistar LaLiga microphones.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Sensations and leadership: “Very happy. When the games are good and when we win, you have to enjoy it ”.

Are you satisfied with the game ?: “I think we were superior much of the game. He was a very tough opponent who knew what to do. This has to serve as motivation for what remains. ”

Vinicius: “Congratulate him on the game he has made, but this is part of everyone, also those who did not play. This is a team. “

Controversies: “I believe that Vini They make a contact, but in the annulled goal I don't see anything from me.

Arbitration work: “I'm not going to talk about it. I am a player who will do his best for my team and for my coach, who is the one who gives me confidence. ”

Final stretch: “We have to go in every game for a victory as if it were a final.”

Courtois: “We have suffered 10 minutes and we have won”

Analysis. “We know that here it is always difficult to win. Getting out of here with a victory knows us very well. With his goal we knew that we had to suffer, we have suffered 10 minutes and we have won ”.

The key: “Try to stay focused, watch for gaps, talk to defense. I think we have done well. His goal is a good center of them, Carvajal jumps with two and the other shoots very hard. ”

Improvement after the pattern: “The attitude, the desire and the football have been very good. I think that especially the attitude has been very good. ”