Fede Valverde has spoken after his renewal until 2027 with Real Madrid. He has done it in the official media of the club that has given you the opportunity to grow until he became a long-distance midfielder. With his physical and technical capacity, coach Carlo Ancelotti has a versatile footballer in his ranks.


The emotion that your closest environment experienced when Fede signed for the white entity is one of the memories that remains in his memory. “I cannot explain the moment when Madrid called me because it was something that is never expected. I was playing with the national team and all of a sudden they tell me that news. When I told my parents about it, they started crying. It was a very beautiful moment and I was like in a dream. I didn't realize that the best club in the world was asking for me and, obviously, I didn't take long to answer. I took advantage of that opportunity and tried to make my family happy ”, says the Uruguayan.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Another important moment just happened with the renewal of your contract: “I am very happy and proud. I am very happy for my parents, my wife and my son because they are the ones who are fighting with me. It is a great step for me and my family because we can enjoy every moment. It is a dream to continue fulfilling games, years and, hopefully, that it be with titles with Real Madrid ”.

The Uruguayan is overflowing with ambition. “I have no limits. I always try to enjoy myself, to give my all on and off the field. I want to be an example for many children and many people, continue to grow and try to win everything with this team. I'm going to try to make Real Madrid bigger as a team and I hope to enjoy every moment, training and game that I play at the Bernabéu ”, he asserts.

Precisely, Fede Valverde has referred to the return of fans to the Santiago Bernabéu: “I always say that people give you the impulse when the game is complicated or things don't work out. That encouragement from each person in the stadium gives you the energy to keep fighting, to run one more ball or to fight until the last minute. That they can come back against Celta is a joy we have in the team and when it arrives we will enjoy it a lot. We will try to give the fans a victory ”.

He also spoke about his coach, Carlo Ancelotti. “I try to learn every piece of advice that not only him but also the coaching staff gives me. I try to listen to them, translate it later on the field and continue to grow as a footballer and as a person. In the field he asks me to do what I know. For example, pressing, attacking and assisting in defense. There are many things and I try to do them ”, he says. Valverde was a bet on the future of the club in 2016, when they disbursed 5 million euros to take over the then rookie midfielder from Peñarol. The Madrid fans have Fede for a while.