Valladolid practically seals the permanence

The Valladolid of Sergio González with a goal of Joaquín Fernández in 87 ’he signed a key 1-0 victory to practically seal the permanence before a Alaves, which continues to sink and is unable to respond in this final stretch of the season. The people of Vitoria still have no doubts after the return of the competition.

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The meeting was presented as a authentic ‘end’ for the tranquility and permanence, since a victory was key to the interests of both for this exhausting and atypical end of the season. In addition, equality between the two teams was maximum, since only one point separated them in the classification.

Sergio González, technician of the blanquivioleta team, bet on the attack with the young man Miguel de la Fuente (20 years) and Sergi Guardiola to try to break the seams of the Alavés defense, and Asier Garitano lined up the trident Burke, Edgar and Lucas Pérez to boost speed. However, the coach of the Vitorian team had a great setback in the 30th minute, given that Duarte he retired injured when the winger was being the most active player behind.

The tension on the grass was noticed from the referee's whistle, since the first half ended with few occasions and many interruptions with several yellow cards. Just a dangerous arrival in the 8th minute of Pablo Hervías behind the center of Raul Carnero, and by Alaves, a forced header from the injured Duarte.

The resumption followed the same trend. Little rhythm between the two teams that were more concerned about not conceding a goal than achieving them. The two goalkeepers, Masip and Roberto, they barely had to intervene in the match and had more incidence relocating their teammates on the field.

The middle Ruben Alca
az He put the little magic of the match with an individual play in the 54 ’of real crack, which after overcoming two players put a‘ picadita ’that almost surprised Roberto, who had to be used to get the ball over the goal. Also the Turkish Enes Ünal, who entered the second half, had a great opportunity with a header that could tip the balance in 62 '.

However, at minute 87 Valladolid dealt a definitive blow in the match played at José Zorrilla. On a list-free play on the wing, the defender Joaquín Fernández He signed the winning goal after a shot in the small area to achieve more than three points.

Triumph and almost salvation.

1 – Real Valladolid: Masip; Moyano, Joaquín, Javi Sánchez, Raúl Carnero; Hervías (Óscar Plano, m.56), Alcaraz (Kike Pérez, m.78), Fede San Emeterio, Toni Villa (Waldo, m.56); Miguel (Ünal, m.61) and Guardiola (Kiko Olivas, m.78).

0 – Alavés: Roberto; Martín, Laguardia, Magallán, Duarte (Marín, m.31); Fejsa (Joselu, m.57), Camarasa (Borja Sáinz, m.89), Pina (Manu, m.89); Burke, Lucas (Pere Pons, m.57) and Edgar.

Goal: 1-0, m.87: Joaquín.

Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre (Aragonese Committee). He showed yellow card to Miguel de la Fuente (m.28), Óscar Plano (m.90), Ünal (m.90), from Real Valladolid; and Fejsa (m.32) and Pina (m.38), from Alavés.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-fourth day of LaLiga Santander played at the José Zorrilla stadium