Valere Germain leaves Lille without the lead

A goal by Valere Germain five minutes from time prevented the triumph and the leadership of Lille and the defeat of Olympique Marseille (1-1) at the Velodrome, on the fourth day of Ligue 1.

Andre Vilas Boas's team declined after winning the classic against Paris Saint Germain. He later lost to Saint Etienne and had another setback close by until Germain came to the rescue.

Still undefeated, Lille took the lead early in the second half, when Brazilian Luiz Araujo perfectly completed a pass into space from Jonathan Bamba.

The Marseille team cornered the visitors but did not manage to balance the situation until the final stretch when Germain finished off a corner kick from Morgan Sanson to the net, with a header.

The draw leaves Lille without the lead. It is two points from Saint Etienne and Stade Rennes, which share the head. Marseille, seventh, is three behind first place.