Valencia – Levante live

Min. 00Yesterday a derby in Seville and today another one in Valencia. The capital of Turia is preparing in its best clothes to attend a meeting between its two teams in Mestalla. Both teams arrived with doubts at the abrupt break in March, so we can say that these months without competition may have come in handy to break their dynamics. Neither of them has yet achieved their goal, since those of the bat are out of European positions and the granotas still have to certify salvation. It is true that eight points are a good cushion, but better not to rely too much on a championship that, in a way, starts from scratch. Let the ball roll!

Min. 00LaLiga has returned in style and if yesterday we enjoyed the Seville derby between Seville and Betis, today we have before us a new historic duel between two teams from the same city: it is Valencia and Levante.