Valencia grows dwarfs. Of all the possible scenarios in the derby, the most bizarre and traumatic occurred: that Paulista, a former Villarreal player, gave Pedraza a penalty and transformed him into a reference che like Alcácer and, as a finish to the task, that Parejo, until now does nothing captain general in Mestalla, decided the game with a masterpiece. Soccer does not understand feelings. Emery won his eighth game against Javi Gracia (the ninth was tied), leaving Villarreal at the top of the table and Valencia snorting: For a day when Guedes rears his head again, his goal only served to make up Sunday's summaries.

Villarreal and Valencia are very far from what they were and, above all, from what they pretend to be. The game had all the ingredients to be a great show and, nevertheless, it was a real tostón. The rhythm, the continuity of their game, the inaccuracies, the overflow and the clarity give them away. The Submarine, without exhibiting itself, was much better during the first half hour because it arrived empowered by the Wanda and, it cannot be ignored, because its rival left the market bruised and without bags. Emery's team found a goal after five minutes that made things easier for them, with a reckless outrage from Paulista as if he owed a favor to La Cerámica for the reception in the past. The center-back overwhelmed Pedraza, the receiver of an assist from Chukwueze, by not measuring his energy at the cutoff, as happens so often. Alcácer did not fail from eleven meters despite the fact that Jaume tried to unbalance him with a reiterative “you are going to fail him, Paco” That clearly picked up the microphones now that there is no murmur in the stands.

Villarreal Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of October 18, 2020

The Submarine was able to get the game back on track shortly after, but Moi, Chukwueze and Padraza lacked the finesse to hole that only Gerard has, a new victim of the intense national stoppage. Valencia, coarse, without a lighthouse in the middle of the field or personality and self-conscious, had not yet reached the area until Diakhaby (33 ') warned with a header and Guedes (37 ') equalized with a shoe preceded by a corner given away and poorly defended by Villarreal. Javi Gracia's celebration of 1-1 was similar to that of when someone lifts a title they had never dreamed of. Normal: his Valencia and the most expensive signing in history came back to life.

Valencia Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of October 18, 2020

The return from rest did not improve the competitive landscape for both teams, despite benefiting from the least scourge of that sun that still spits fire at 4:00 p.m. Valencia managed to be more solid, although they need Kondogbia urgently, leaving their threats in counter forms, so Villarreal began to get stuck in three quarters of a field without spaces behind. Emery was forced to refresh Trigueros and Chukwueze with Coquelin's lungs and Kubo's imagination. Precisely in a detail of the Japanese on the edge of the area, which turned a bad control into a luxurious high heel before being expelled in the discount, it went to Parejo who, from the front, released a shoe that was devilish when it touched Diakhaby and sneaked into the squad. The midfielder shot off towards a celebration unleashed given the importance of the moment until he realized that one day he wore the Valencia bracelet and he transformed, with great difficulty, the smile into a poem and the party into a wake. While his colleagues thanked him, Parejo asked for forgiveness. Something Lim should do with a Valencia that is not up to his record and his shield.


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