Valencia decides not to sign

EI Valencia will expire today the term requested from LaLiga and it was granted to sign a footballer face to replace Ezequiel Garay's long-term loss. Finally, as no operation in the market has crystallized in recent days, together with the break in the championship due to the coronavirus crisis, the black and white team will not sign and will compete until the end of the championship with what it has, once it is resumed.

Garay was injured on February 1 in a match against Celta, in Mestalla, just the day after the market closed. When confirming the long duration of the injury, the club decided to go to the market, knowing that the authorization would have it. Of course, a very restricted market (only LaLiga players or unemployed) and with little money to invest. Finding a transfer was a pipe dream.

César Sánchez, Football director, started two parallel operations and immediately got the ‘ok’ from the two centrals, ready to stop at Valencia: Javi Sánchez, Valladolid central defender; Y Zou Feddal, central Betis. This caused the club, on February 26, it will officially present the documentation to receive the approval to sign. The idea was to close one of the two operations while receiving the LaLiga placet.

Shield / Flag Valencia

However, This safe-conduct to reinforce itself outside the transfer windows arrived just the next day, February 27. From that day, the counter began to work: 15 days from that moment.

Today is the 15th and Valencia, obviously, is not going to sign. The Ché club intensified negotiations with Valladolid and Madrid over Javi Sánchez; and with Betis, by Feddal. But there was no agreement. In the case of Javi Sánchez, Madrid offered a loan with no purchase option, something that Valencia did want. In the case of Feddal, Betis wanted to transfer or transfer it with a mandatory purchase option. Valencia did not pass there.

Come to this week, after the debacle against Atalanta, and the recent explosion of the coronavirus crisis, with the consequent postponement of LaLiga, the only tournament in which Valencia is still alive, Valencia has decided that it will not be reinforced despite the loss of Garay. The last 11 days, if they are played, they will do it with what they have.