Valencia – Athletic live

Min. 00WE GO AWAY! Thank you for having accompanied us in this deserved victory of a better Athletic Club in Mestalla against a depressed Valencia de Voro. Until next time!

Min. 00A NEW LION. Raúl García has scored 13 goals in LaLiga this season with Athletic Club, registering his best scoring mark in the same campaign in the highest category, surpassing the 11 goals achieved with Osasuna in 11/12. MVP of the party.

Min. 00CHE INSTABILITY. Valencia chained three consecutive losses without scoring a single goal in each of them in LaLiga for the first time since January 2008 with Ronald Koeman as coach.

Min. 90FINISH IN MESTALLA! Athletic claims victory thanks to Raúl García's brace and legitimizes his candidacy for Europe. Disappointing debut for Voro in his sixth stage on the club bench, little has changed the new Valencian coach with respect to the Celades stage.

Min. 90Voro also removes Alessandro Florenzi, who joined the attack with danger in the early stages of the crash and then went off, and enters Daniel Wass, the Danish off-road vehicle.

Min. 90Substitution Iñigo Córdoba Querejeta Mikel Balenziaga Oruesagasti

Min. 88The Valencia captain, Daniel Parejo, retired and Manuel Vallejo entered. Voro wants to reserve the player destined to throw the team behind him in this last stretch of the season.

Min. 86And fourth change in Athletic. Raúl García runs out of his hat-trick and leaves his post to one of the revelations of the poscovic LaLiga, the appearance of Oihan Sancet, a player of great quality and who already scored his first goal last day.

Min. 84Yellow card for Mouctar Diakhaby for a tough tackle on an opponent. Very normal game for the French central defender, much criticized for the penalties committed in the last clashes.

Min. 83Third change in the rojiblancas ranks. The captain of the Basque team leaves, an Iker Muniain who has been providential in stealing the ball from the first goal, and the tireless Óscar de Marcos enters.

Min. 80With this hypothetical triumph, Athletic advances Valencia in the classification and looks to the positions that give access to Europe. A good scenario is presented to the Basque team, which will also play its next two meetings in San Mamés. For its part, Valencia, although still with possibilities, receives a hard blow.

Min. 78Fifteen minutes Valencia has for the heroic although much has to change the picture in the Voro team. At the moment, only one shot on goal in the entire match and only three attempts in the second act.

Min. 76Voro changes striker and removes Maxi Gómez to give Kevin Gameiro entry. It was not the day for the Uruguayan striker, who has tried four shots and none of them have gone to goal.

Min. 73THE PEGA RAÚL GARCÍA! The Navarrese midfielder armed himself with courage after recovering the ball near the crescent of the area and hitting it with great will but very deviant. The fatigue of the former Atlético de Madrid is nited.

Min. 71Iñaki Williams also leaves Mestalla leaving his post to one of the scorers of the last days, Asier Villalibre. Good game from the rojiblanco winger, wearing down the rival defense with their speed.

Min. 67An achiever Unai López leaves the field of play to the detriment of Mikel Vesga. Gaizka Garitano wants control in the midfield and sacrifices the companion of the always fireproof Dani García.

Min. 6620 minutes of the second half and Athletic has the game absolutely controlled. Valencia barely approaches the red and white area. The central pair of the Basque team formed by Yeray Álvarez and Iñigo Martínez is unassailable.

Min. 63Denis Cheryshev also entered the match to replace Ferran Torres, the match for the young player Che was very weak. Turn for the Russian locomotive, which already scored in San Mamés in the first leg.

Min. 63The carousel of changes begins. Gonçalo Guedes turned off and Carlos Soler entered. Voro seeks more speed per band with the inclusion of the youth squad che.

Min. 60An absolutely unknown Gonçalo Guedes tries to appear a little more, who showed in the victory against Osasuna his best version of the season but who seems to be a pure mirage. This afternoon, the Portuguese is canceled both by the lack of balls and by the presence of Yuri Berchiche.

Min. 58Valencia continues without reacting and has not managed a single shot in this second half. For its part, Athletic already has 10 shots in the entire match, double the number achieved by the Che team. Better in defense and better in attack, the combined team of Gaizka Garitano.

Min. 55ANOTHER TRY BY RAÚL GARCÍA! The umpteenth ride of Ander Capa covering 30 meters and taking the ball to the crescent and ends with a left-footed shot from Navarra that is easily caught by Jasper Cillessen. Athletic wants blood.

Min. 53Good combination between Córdoba and Williams that ends with a heel of the first to which the rojiblanco striker is about to arrive. He cleared a defender from the che set, which is KO.

Min. 50Mazazo for Valencia, who now must overcome a difference of two goals. This result is important in the face of the fight for Europe because Athletic beats him on equal points for better results in the face-to-face. The whole set needs to react. And fast.

Min. 48Assistance from Iñigo Córdoba, the fourth in LaLiga this season. The youth squad is the maximum assistant to Athletic in this campaign along with Ander Capa and Unai López.

Min. 48GREAT GOAL FROM RAÚL GARCÍA! Valencia CF 0-2 ATHLETIC CLUB. Another fault in the ball out, this time from Jaume Costa, the ball reaches the Navarrese who takes a shot with the left foot that is housed in the Cillessen squad.

Min. 46START THE SECOND TIME! No change in either team. Surely both technicians will move their benches facing this second act.

Min. 01FALSE TODO CAMPISTA. Raúl García has scored 12 goals in LaLiga this season, achieving his best scoring record in the same campaign in the highest category, surpassing the 11 achieved with Osasuna in 11/12. Navarre fundamental after the withdrawal of Aduriz.

Min. 01DROUGHT CHE. Valencia have gone to rest unmarked in five of the six games they have played in LaLiga since the return from competition and have only managed one shot on goal in the last three. Little baggage for a team destined to enter Europe.

Min. 45REST IN MESTALLA! Athletic Club goes to the locker room with an advantage in the mail thanks to Raúl García's goal in the 13th minute. Valencia came off well at the beginning but the loss of Kondogbia that led to the Atletico goal has fit the stage of the meeting.

Min. 42This time, Maxi Gómez is not correct in his attempt to connect with Rodrigo Moreno and the ball is caught by a well placed Unai Simón. Valencia need to recover the best version of the Charrúa international if they want to play in Europe next season.

Min. 40FORGIVE MAXI GÓMEZ! Completely only the Uruguayan striker sends his header out after a sensational service from Florenzi from the corner of the area. The former RC Celta does not usually forgive on those occasions.

Min. 38Try to press Valencia up to steal fast but they are very misplaced pressures and Athletic is not complicated and sends the ball to the rival buy as soon as he is in danger.

Min. 35Ten minutes until the end of this first half and Valencia still do not react. The team has gone from arriving with danger to the rojiblancas surroundings in the first minutes to abuse the long displacement in these last moments.

Min. 33PAUSE FOR HYDRATION. Both teams retreat to the sideline to grab a snack and gather strength for this section of the encounter.

Min. 30Athletic is a bone. And not just any bone. A bone of steel. From the hand of Gaizka Garitano, the rojiblanco team has been growing through its defensive improvement, being a team that is very difficult to finish off.

Min. 27Several problems are presented to the box and Voro, a lot of distance between Parejo and Kondogbia and most worryingly a lot of distance between the two and the offensive side, there is only transition through the wing players.

Min. 23You reach the halfway point of the match and Athletic is the team that dominates the clash and that feels most comfortable when it comes to reaching the rival area -five shots attempted by the rojiblancos and only one the box che-.

Min. 20READY TO MARK! The goal has not gone well for the whole che and Athletic is insistently looking for the second goal. On this occasion Iñigo Córdoba hit her with his right hand and is about to enter Cillessen's goal after hitting an opponent.

Min. 18Valencia needs to react to Raúl García's goal. To continue trusting in his game proposal, moving the ball with fluidity and continually arriving on the wings to try to knock down the red and white wall.

Min. 15CONVERSION TO NINE. Raúl García has already scored 12 goals in LaLiga this season, achieving his best scoring record in the same campaign in the top flight, surpassing the 11 achieved with Osasuna on 11/12.

Min. 14Iñaki Williams' first assists in LaLiga this season. The rojiblanco youth squad debuts in the goal passing section in this league edition.

Min. 14GOOOOL BY RAÚL GARCÍA! Valencia CF 0-1 ATHLETIC CLUB. Kondogbia's fault in the ball out, Muniain steals that combines with Williams to get a pass from death that ends at the bottom of the meshes the Navarrese midfielder.

Min. 10At the moment, Valencia dominates the match, moving the ball fluently in the midfield and with hardly any transition, taking the ball to three quarters of the field as quickly as possible.

Min. 08STOP OF UNAI SIMÓN! Robbery in part offensive from Valencia, combination between Parejo and Gonçalo Guedes and this shot from the front that requires the intervention of the Basque goalkeeper. Corner for the box che.

Min. 05READY TO MARK RAÚL GARCÍA! Riding on the right side of Ander Capa and his center to the area is picked up by the Navarrese playmaker to volley the ball but his shot goes close to the right post of Cillessen.

Min. 03First contact! Lack thrown from the right side by Dani Parejo and Diakhaby shot that stumbles on an opponent and leaves by the sideline. Valencia is looking forward.

Min. 01START THE SHOCK! The ball is put into play on the Mestalla mat. Duel to enter Europe next season. Great game in the capital of Turia.

Min. 00THE PROTAGONISTS ARE NOW COMING OUT! Valencia come out with their gala gear, a white mother-of-pearl shirt and black pants, and Athletic wear their second outfit, completely in soldier green. Let's get started!

Min. 00After losing 1-0 in Pamplona and 2-0 in Villarreal, Valencia could string together three consecutive league losses without scoring a single goal in each of them for the first time since January 2008 with Ronald Koeman as coach.

Min. 00CHALLENGE IN MESTALLA. Of the teams they have visited on at least 80 occasions in LaLiga history, Valencia is the team against which Athletic has a worse percentage of victories (14.3%).

Min. 00Athletic have only lost one of their last seven matches in LaLiga (4V 2E), 1-0 against Barcelona on June 23, after a streak of 10 unbeaten matches in the competition between December 2019 and February 2020 ( 5E 5D).

Min. 00CLASSIC RIVALITY. Valencia have scored 271 goals against Athletic Club in their 169 matches in LaLiga, more than against any other team in the history of the competition.

Min. 00Athletic have lost four of their last six meetings with Valencia in LaLiga (0V 2E), after having remained undefeated in their previous eight (4V 4E).

Min. 00ENTER CÓRDOBA. A unique novelty in the rojiblanco eleven regarding the victory against RCD Mallorca last day, the entry of Iñigo Córdoba on the left flank to the detriment of Oihan Sancet.

Min. 00Tuniz for Gaizka Garitano. The Basque coach leaves with a 1-4-2-3-1 formed by Unai Simón, Ander Capa, Yeray Álvarez, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri Berchiche, Dani García, Unai López, Iñaki Williams, Iker Muniain, Iñigo Córdoba and Raúl García.

Min. 00GONÇALO GUEDES RETURNS. One of the four novelties that Voro introduces is the presence of the Portuguese winger in the starting eleven, one of the only good news for the team after the break with his performance in the victory against Osasuna -goal and assistance-.

Min. 00Let's go with the alignments. The interim coach of the Che team, Voro, is betting on a 1-4-4-2 formed by Jasper Cillessen, Alessandro Florenzi, Gabriel Paulista, Mouctar Diakhaby, Jaume Costa, Ferran Torres, Daniel Parejo, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Gonçalo Guedes, Maxi Gómez and Rodrigo Moreno.

Min. 00GOOD AFTERNOON! Welcome to a new LaLiga 19/20 match. An injured Valencia after the dismissal of Albert Celades receives the always rocky Athletic Club de Gaizka Garitano in Mestalla. Let's get started!