Unzué: “I will have the privilege of helping with this disease”

Song by Pau Donés at the press conference: “His songs have a background and are interesting. As a consequence of his death, we have heard more about him and we have seen interviews where he explained his way of life and for me it has been an inspiration ”.

You have shown integrity: “If I had been in another state of mind I would not have summoned you. I did it because I feel good. When you are turning years you feel better helping than being helped and I am going to have that privilege with this disease. It cannot be that a person with this disease stops having an operation so as not to be an economic burden for his family. When I read Carlos Matallanas on his blog, I see myself reflected in many things. He knows he is doing a fantastic job and you have to admit it. He is helping all ALS patients.

First symptoms: “I started visiting neurologists five years ago. I had a lot of cramps on the bike and when I went to sleep at night my nervous system was still active and I woke up a lot. The first three years was just uncomfortable. The year I was in Vigo as a coach I started to feel a loss of strength, I was more tired. That summer a finger on the left hand began to lose mobility. These diseases end up being diagnosed ruling out other diseases. It takes time and last summer they gave me the diagnosis and this February they confirmed it for me. ”

Message from Carlos Matallanas: “Hello, Juan Carlos. They ask me to send you a message. Do not hesitate to ask me what you need. We are teammates. I am a veteran and you just got up as a youth. I feel identified with what you have done. I wish you good luck because it will be that of the rest of the sick and their families. No one is free from this disease. To win the war we only have science. Lots of strength and a big hug, Juan Carlos. Let's go for it. “

What point are you at ?: “I notice a lack of strength in the extremities. I have lost strength and ability. I still use everything, but I'm noticing that lack of strength. When climbing some stairs I need a railing to go safer. I can walk, but I feel every kilometer and a half or every two kilometers. I'm a little slower. I think about things a little more. With the objective that I have ahead I think this will help me. ”

How have you and Luis Enrique reinforced yourselves ?: “It sums up very quickly, respecting each other. We agree on many things, but on others we are opposite. Each one has his way of handling his situation. With Luis he would go to the end of the world because his background is always very clear and, above all, very good ”.

Now do you see life differently ?: “Yes, the circumstances of each one make us reflect. We have certain fears of getting off the train that we have all generated and it is going a thousand an hour. Occasionally getting off that train and reflecting doesn't hurt. I think it helps a lot. “