Unzué: “I have always felt the affection of the Seville fans”

Juan Carlos Unzué, seven seasons goalkeeper of the Seville and that he is currently struggling with a disease like ALS after announcing it last week, he recalled his time in Nerve and the signs of affection he has received from the Andalusian club and the city in an interview in the official media of the Seville.

“I was relieved to tell it, like the feeling of a game day. Then fatigue appears, but everything has already been translated into satisfaction because I have received a lot of love from many people, even people who haven't talked to her in a long time, because people care about you. There are a lot more good people than bad, only bad people make a lot of noise. Soccer transmits many values ​​as a collective sport. Lo del Seville It has been incredible, I have had contact with many colleagues that I had in the nineties. They are those messages that take you to that time when I really enjoyed myself and will be eternally grateful to the city and to Sevilla fans, ”explained the coach and former footballer.

The Navarrese was even excited to hear the audios that many Sevilla players sent so that the former goalkeeper could listen to them live: “What a kick of energy. Thank all those who have sent and also those who have not, because it is often difficult to externalize what it feels like. I have never stopped feeling the affection of the hobby of the SevilleEven when I have been a rival I have felt loved, they have stopped me on the street reminding me of moments, experiences, etc. In times of difficulty it is fantastic that so many people show up and help a lot. ”

Unzué, when he announced that he suffers from ALS

Unzué He is strong and hopes to face the disease with positivity. “I have led a life of uncertainty and it was not a great impact to know this news. From the first day I accepted it as part of life, adapting and living with it as part of life. It is a disease that will overcome me, hopefully it will be very little by little, because the doctors say that in my case it is slow, but with this good humor we will try to make it even slower, “he added, recalling that what he expects is invest as much research as possible.