Unzué announces that he suffers from ALS

Juan Caros Unzué (53 years old) is ready to play his most important game. The former Barcelona goalkeeper and coach, among other teams, explained at a press conference at the Camp Nou Auditori 1899 that suffers amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurogenerative disease It affects the motor neurons of the brain and the spinal cord.

“I want to make public my current state of health. Last February, Dr. Povedano confirmed the diagnosis that Dr. Rojas de Sant Pau had already given me last summer.: I have ALS that affects my limbs asymmetrically. The disease has no treatment or cure except pills that slow the progression of the disease. “

Unzué was accompanied at this event by the club president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, the technician Quique Setién, players JOrdi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Sergi Robertor as the former coach of the team and national coach, Luis Enrique in addition to his family and a group of friends who could not be older due to sanitary measures that reduced the capacity of the room. So much so, that the mythical first-team utillero, Chema Corbella and his wife, were unable to access the auditorium despite having moved to support their friend.

Unzué explained that he has decided to take the step to publicly communicate his illness for two reasons: “One, although it was broken this morning, which makes me very sad, but we already know what this business is, because I wanted my friends who are still they didn't know they found out about me. I get along well and I want to do things to make people aware that anyone can get people from any condition. The second reason is to try to give visibility to this disease in which patients have a hard time and resources are lacking. “

Very enthusiastic, Unzué explained that “I am not going to coach a soccer team. I just signed for the ALS patients team, a small and very committed team. We are about 4,000 who have a very active transfer market unfortunately. Every day we sign three and lose three. There are people on this team who have already helped me. “

Some of these patients have been of great help such as Jordi, Jose, Carlos Espada and especially Carlos Matallanas, who is a journalist, has a great blog and has been diagnosed with ALS for six years writing through his pupils. It is a benchmark for all these people who demonstrate the desire to live despite the difficulties and when it seems that everything is falling apart. ”

From now on, Unzué will be active in the task of “trying to improve the quality of life of teammates together with the Luzón Foundation”. One of the first acts will be next Sunday, June 21, world ELA day in which they will be invited to “dye green the sports buildings of this country”.