Undefeated duel before seeking glory

Undefeated duel before seeking glory

The Spanish team is measured against the competitive Croatia with the first place in play for the semifinals

MADRID, Jan. 21 (SportsFinding) –

The Spanish men's handball team will close this Wednesday (16.00 hours / Teledeporte) its participation in the second phase of the European of Norway, Austria and Sweden with a duel against the always competitive Croatia in which only the first place of the group will be at stake.

Those of Jordi Ribera did not fail on Monday against Belarus and confirmed their qualification for the semifinals, the fifth consecutive in a continental championship. Now, two victories to reissue the title and the extra prize to get the Olympic ticket, the 'Hispanics' will have a good test for their unbeaten status against a Balkan team that has not lost either and that is always difficult to face.

In addition, waiting to know who will be the owner of the first position of the other equalized group, neither team can speculate on the position that best suits them. The main threat in Group II of this 'Main Round' seems to be a Norway that continues to grow and has the plus of the public, but Spaniards and Croats know from experience that in the semifinals there is no longer a comfortable enemy.

Those of Lino Cervar arrive at this duel with the current champion after two hard meetings against Germany and the Czech Republic, both settled by a goal of difference, although before the Czechs their figures rested more than normal after the wear and tear against the Germans. In addition, in all their matches of this 'Main Round', they have made it clear that they are very hard behind and that Spain will need to attack with intelligence again so as not to let its rival use the backlash.

In addition, the double world champion will then have to work hard in her defense to curb the outer line of Croatia, commanded by the talented Barca central Luka Cindric, the authentic game generator of his own and that also brings launch. Beside him, a veteran like Domagoj Duvnjak, who contributes a lot on both sides of the track, and Luka Stepancic as other arguments to test the excellent form of Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas.

Spain has lived countless matches against the Balkan team in recent years. The last one was last year in the World Cup, with a 23-19 victory for a Croatia that closed the pass of the World Cup semifinals in 2017 by 29-28, in what was a rematch for the Spanish victory in the European semifinals 2016 (33-29). The end Angel Fernandez will be late for fever, so Dani Dujshebaev will return to the team.



CROATIA: Sego (p), Asanin (p), Maric, Duvnjak, Hrstic, Stepancic, Horvat, Sarac, Karacic, Musa, Mamic, Cindric, Brozovic, Matanovic, Mandic and Sipic.

SPAIN: Pérez de Vargas (P), Corrales (P); Maqueda, Entrerríos, A. Dujshebaev, Sarmiento, Aginagalde, Solé, Goñi, Figueras, Cañellas, Morros, Gómez, Ariño, Guardiola and D. Dujshebaev.

– PAVILION: Wiener Stadthalle.

– HOUR: 16.00 / Teledeporte.