Unbeatable There was no place for Florida State in the University Football Playoff.

Unbeatable There was no place for Florida State in the University Football Playoff.

Florida State became the first undefeated Power Five conference champion to be left out of the four-team playoff bracket when Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama emerged as the winners of the College Football Playoff on Sunday.

The CFP selection committee faced its most difficult choice in the history of the current postseason format during the final season in the four-team playoff before it grows to twelve teams the following year.

The ACC champion Seminoles (13-0) won the championship despite losing starting quarterback Jordan Travis after an injury that ended his season two weeks prior. Instead, they prevailed with a backup then a third-string quarterback.

However, the committee was given the task of evaluating the teams depending on their postseason performance, and it has determined that FSU, in the absence of Travis, remains among the top four in the nation.

Florida State has changed over the past 11 weeks, according to CFP selection committee chairman Boo Corrigan, who spoke to ESPN.

“The committee picked Alabama four with Florida State five, but when you look at who they’re as a team right now, they are a different club without Jordan Travis and the offensive dynamic he brings.”

This has sparked an unprecedented dispute and directed the committee toward Big 12 winner Texas, who defeated the Crimson Tide off the road in September, and Alabama, who upset Georgia for the Southeastern Conference championship.

“Acquiescing to a moment’s narrative has dire, long-lasting, and devastating effects. Not only for Florida State, but for college football in general,” Michael Alford, the athletic director at FSU, stated in a release.

“It is erroneous to argue that one team is the’most worthy or best.'” It seriously undermines the credibility of the university football playoffs and makes the season played up until yesterday meaningless. Today’s college football committee failed.

The College Football Playoff roster was unveiled on Sunday, and drama was present—just as we had expected given the outcomes of the conference championship games on Saturday.

After defeating No. 6 Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, Alabama moved up to the No. 4 place.

As a result, Florida State dropped to No. 5 despite having a 13-0 record and defeating Louisville in the ACC Championship Game on Saturday.

The Seminoles became the first big conference champion team to finish undefeated yet never make it to the CFP field.

Boo Corrigan, the chair of the CFP Selection Committee, appeared on the rankings release show on Sunday afternoon to discuss the methodology used to choose the Crimson Tide against the Seminoles.

“That was the decision; was Alabama at four?” stated Corrigan. “Florida State is not the same team as they were after 11 weeks. An amazing season from coach [Mike] Norvell, their players, and their fans.

The committee chose Florida State to win five games and Alabama to win four, but when you look at the squad as a whole right now with Jordan Travis and the offensive dynamic he brings to them, they are a different team.”

The injury to Travis, Florida State’s standout quarterback, during the team’s victory over North Alabama in Week 12 is the matter at hand.

Even worse, backup quarterback Tate Rodemaker missed the ACC championship game due to a brain injury he sustained in the regular season finale against Florida.

The timing of Rodemaker’s injury couldn’t have been worse, but it’s not bad enough to keep him out for the long run.

Third-string quarterback Brock Glenn led Florida State to victory over Louisville despite the team’s meager 16 point margin of victory.

Regardless of level, this was the lowest point total ever for a team that emerged victorious in a conference final on Saturday. Just 8 of Glenn’s 21 pass attempt for 55 yards were completed.

Corrigan stated, “We had eight excellent teams this year.” “This year has been somewhat unique, especially considering this is the last year of the four as we go through this.” In light of the current situation, it was crucial to consider the player’s availability.

It was incredibly important to the committee while we went through everything, I believe someone mentioned there, “You know, you can lose a wide receiver and a running back, but a quarterback as dynamic has Jordan Travis changes the offense in its entirety.”

Corrigan said that in choosing Alabama over Florida State, they took into consideration the advice of past coaches who hold a position on the selection committee, such as Jim Grobe.