Ukraine-Spain can have 21,000 spectators in the stands

Although it may seem Martian to a Spanish fan, the Ukraine-Spain match may have up to 21,000 fans in the stands. The world lives times of COVID but not everywhere is the same, and we will have an example this Tuesday (8:45 p.m., TVE) at the Olympic stadium in Kiev. The price of the tickets ranges between 5 and 30 euros.

UEFA allows audiences in stadiums up to a maximum of 30 percent of the capacity. In Ukraine, laws do not prohibit people from attending mainstream public performances. Like the stadium Olimpico de KIev has a capacity of 70,050 seats, the limit of fans that will be able to see the League of Nations match between Ucranoa and Spain live is 21,000.

The UEFA Executive Committee decided on October 1, after the success of the pilot Super Cup match played in Budapest on September 24 between Bayern and Sevilla, to allow the partial return of spectators in UEFA matches where local laws require allow, starting in national team matches.

The number of spectators will be limited to 30% of the respective capacity of the stadiums. Visiting fans will not be allowed to enter games until further notice.

Both the admission of fans and the capacity limit are subject to the decision of the local authorities. UEFA matches may not be played with spectators where local authorities do not allow it, and the 30% capacity limit can only be reached when the limit set by local authorities is not lower, in which case that limit would apply.

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Social distance will be mandatory for spectators and other precautionary measures such as the use of masks should be implemented in accordance with local regulations.

In order to access the stadium, certain security restrictions against COVID-19. All persons who access must be identified. Inside the stadium, the current security measures must be followed: social distance, use of a mask and hand disinfection. There will also be temperature control at the stadium gates, so that any A person who exceeds 37.2 degrees will be denied access to the facilities.