Ukraine claimed a penalty from Navas and Spain, one hand

The Polish referee Gil avoided a downfall by Jesús Navas of the Ukrainian footballer Zubkov in the De Gea area. For Iturralde González, arbitration analyst for AS and SER, it is a penalty. “If he gives a penalty you eat it, for me a penalty. It is not a VAR penalty, it is a referee “, affirmed the ex-collegiate. Gil was very close to the play and decided not to whistle anything.

Remember that in the Nations League there is no VAR. Iturralde explained in Sports Carousel the reason: “There is no VAR because not all associations do not have VAR and therefore the vote of Spain is the same as that of Luxembourg. The point is that the arbitrator takes responsibility again and therefore, arbitrates again. “

Spain, previously, claimed a hand inside the area of ​​Ukraine in an action by Sergio Ramos, after a corner. Najaryan possibly touched the ball with his hand, but the referee also did not indicate any infraction. For Iturralde González there was nothing: “For me it is not a penalty either.”

It was not an easy game for referee Pawel Gil, since as soon as the second half began, canceled a Ukraine attack action for offside but the replay on TV made it clear that there was no off side. Ukraine claimed another penalty in an action between Yarmolenko and Reguilón. “There is no penalty, he seeks contact but there is nothing,” Iturralde González analyzed the action.