UEFA holds its breath against the coronavirus in the Euro

The UEFA Executive Committee will meet this Monday in Amsterdam to set the headquarters of the continental competitions and their regulations. But the prominence of the Executive Committee prior to its 44th Ordinary Congress the coronavirus will take it, which has sneaked in between the top concerns of the 'staff' of European football. The vice president of the organization, the Italian Michele Uva, warned that “the competitions, and among them the Eurocup, would only stop in a case of force majeure. Only if the virus progresses to degenerate. “

But a hundred days after the start of the tournament, the organization discusses in Amsterdam the impact of the pandemic on hundreds of thousands of fans who will move freely throughout Europe. The European Championship will be played in 12 countries that will cover the continent from end to end, from St. Petersburg to Rome. The total offer is 2.5 million tickets, and right now there are ten candidates for each place in the stadiums. On June 12, the inaugural match will be played in Rome, the capital of a country, Italy, which is precisely one of the most affected by the coronavirus.

But UEFA bosses are not going to make any irreversible decision on the European Championship yet. They do not intend to follow the example of the Asian Confederation, which has suspended the Congress that was to be held in Kuala Lumpur next April. According to Grape “we are in the waiting phase, pending from all countries. Football must follow the instructions it receives.” UEFA wants to use deadlines, wait for the coronavirus to advance and not rush in a decision that would only be taken in case of extreme need and bound by European governments.

Apart from the virus, UEFA has cited the meeting in Holland for its 55 national federations to participate in the draw of the League of Nations, which will start after the summer, on September 3. Tuesday will be the draw for the competition. Luis Rubiales, UEFA Vice President, and Luis Enrique will attend, which will be the first official act of his second stage on the bench in Spain. Spain will be in the elite group together with Portugal (current champion), Holland, England, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Germany and Iceland. Four groups from four countries will be raffled, and the group champions will contest the Final Phase of the League of Nations in June 2021.