“UEFA does not receive more tickets than the others”

UEFA President, Alexander Ceferinassured this Wednesday that the European body does not keep more tickets “than the others”, in the face of complaints about the distribution of tickets for the final that Liverpool and Real Madrid will play at the Stade de France, on May 28 .

Given the controversy that arose between the fans of the RReal Madrid and Liverpool due to the limited distribution of tickets in the Champions League final in Paris, the UEFA president explained that they have “obligations” with the sponsors.

“If the sponsors, who pay hundreds of millions of euros and more, which 93.5% end up in the hands of the clubs, receive part of the tickets (for the final), that is part of the contractual obligation we have”, Ceferin told a news conference at the end of UEFA’s annual congress in Vienna.

“Besides, the UEFA does not receive more entries than the others. Some go to the market, others to fans, others to partners (sponsors). And not UEFA. It’s not that I keep tickets to give away or sell to my friends,” she assured.

“The system works like this. And (otherwise) the clubs would work differently. For us (UEFA) it would not change much if each ticket cost only 10 euros, but it would change a lot for the clubs, ”said the UEFA president.

The Stade de France It will have a capacity for around 75,000 spectators in the final, but the clubs will only receive 20,000 tickets each. Another 12,000 will be put up for sale and the rest is reserved by UEFA for those commitments.

For this reason, the manager of Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, He has complained that the two clubs in the final, which will play in Paris on May 28, receive only 20,000 tickets for their respective fans.

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