Tycoon Rupert Murdoch cancels his wedding to Ann-Lesley Smith: “She can’t stand the press”

They announced their engagement a few weeks ago but the allure of romance hasn’t even reached the summer. Rupert Murdoch y Anne-Lesley Smith They have canceled their wedding, scheduled for the end of summer, due to the media exposure that their unexpected relationship has had: “She is very reserved and couldn’t stand being in the spotlight.”

Sources close to the couple say the break has been carried out amicably: “It’s just that they couldn’t cope with being in the public eye together. She’s very reserved and they sat down and talked and agreed that it was better for them. separate”, they said in Daily Mail.

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Apparently, Murdoch “admires her, respects her and thinks she’s an incredible woman, he loves that she is both such a calm and strong person”, but he did not want to drag her to the front page of the world press, something with which he that he has lived with for years.

This was to be the magnate’s fifth wedding. Ann-Lesley is 66 years old (26 years younger than the businessman) and is a model and journalist. Married to country singer Chester Smith, she was widowed in 2008, and her relationship with Murdoch began last September. Their first photographs together saw the light of day in January, during a vacation in Barbados. The marriage proposal took place in March, with a ring valued at 2.5 million dollars: “I am very happy,” he said.

However, the specialized press points to two major obstacles in their relationship: the strong religious convictions of the bride, which made the tycoon uncomfortable, and the opposition of the Murdoch family to this new marriage, given Smith’s dark past.