Two youth players with a message

Yes Zidane He is happy with the squad he has left to start the 2020-21 season, it does not seem. At the Reale Arena made their debut to two castillistas, Marvin Park and Sergio Arribas, before relying on Jovic and Mayoral as a clearing effect. Significant.

“Until the 4th, many things can happen,” Zidane warned in the run-up to the accident trip to San Sebastián. Add to counter Odegaard and goodbye to two 'toxic assets' like James and Bale perhaps they are movements that fall short of the French, that asked for reinforcements (Upamecano, Camavinga …) and Mbappé's nitroglycerin.

Sergio Arribas also made his Madrid debut in the league premiere.

Zidane is not worth three of his four nines (Jovic, Mariano and Mayoral) and paraphrasing the Madrid coach himself, that is something that will not change. “I don't understand Zidane because I think some of those forwards can be used on days like this”Cañizares complained in The Partidazo of Movistar. ButragueñoIn his measured role, he left a detail to study. “We understand that today we have an absolute guarantee squad,” he assured Mónica Marchante. He especially emphasized 'today' …

Marvin and Arribas' debuts are themselves a award to two homegrown players who are endorsed by Raúl and for his great Youth League with the Juvenil. But Zizou, unlike Mourinho, who always won the quantitative medal of making their debut (17 under his mandate), tends to make debuts more expensive. With those of yesterday, there are only 12 homegrown players who received the alternative from the hand zidanian (Mariano, Tejero, Yáñez, Achraf, Óscar Rodríguez, Quezada, Seoane, Franchu and their children Enzo and Luca Zidane).

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

In the absence of goals, look at 'La Fábrica'

“The line-up and those debuts have been something specific,” the coach dropped, also in response to why did I leave Casemiro, his bulletproof vest, on the bench. Punctual or not, because Zidane also likes two other castillistas a lot (Antonio Blanco and Miguel Gutiérrez), it was an unforgettable night for Marvin Park, a player with an endless passport (he was born in Palma, to a Nigerian father and a Korean mother) and Arribas, Castilla's scalpel. In the absence of goals and an exciting return to the League, Factory.