Two Madrid businessmen pay 5,000 euros to have breakfast with Díaz Ayuso

The president of the Community of Madrid is in great demand, so much so that last Wednesday she became the protagonist of the charity auction for the Little Wish Foundation. the batch of Diaz Ayusowho offered breakfast with her and a subsequent visit to the Puerta del Sol clock, created tension between two of the attendees, who finally reached an agreement.

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They are two businessmen from Madrid, over 50 years old and very attractive, according to ABC, who were ‘bitten’ to get the precious appointment with Ayuso. Finally, they decided to share it and the lot reached the maximum price of the day: 5.000 euros. Quite a compliment to the president.

It was followed by the day shared with the bullfighter king rock, which reached 4,800 euros; and 4000 for the gastronomic experience of Jordi Cruz in his restaurant ABAC and Celler de Can Roca. The flamenco dress that she donated Rocio Peraltawhich has dressed such well-known faces as Rosalía or Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, tripled its price.

The gala, presented by Mario Vaquerizo y Anabel Alonsoachieved its goal: to raise enough money to fulfill the wishes of 100 children who suffer from serious or chronic illnesses and who need an injection of joy and enthusiasm.